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Power protection solutions for data centers

The need for zero downtime

UPSs and power conditioners play a vital role in ensuring IT reliability. Any time a UPS fails and becomes unavailable, missioncritical electrical loads are put at risk. The surest way to increase UPS availability is to have the correct design, use high quality components, ensure redundancy and eliminate downtime by minimizing MTTR (mean time to repair).

ABB's Modular UPS designs minimize the system’s MTTR and with its Decentralized Parallel ArchitectureTM (DPA) allows the modules to work as one system but without interdependence.

In the unlikely event of one UPS module failing, the overall system will continue to operate normally, but with one less module of capacity. The failed module will be fully disconnected and will not impact the operating modules.

This ability to swap modules online in a Conceptpower DPA system significantly reduces its MTTR and simplifies system upgrades. The modular approach pays off too when it comes to serviceability and availability – online swapping of modules means you do not have to switch off or bypass during replacements, so there is no downtime.